2014-09-07 – Hong Kong Tai Hang Frantic Fire Dragon Dance

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Hong Kong Tai Hang Frantic Fire Dragon Dance

The Tai Hang Fire Dragon which consists of 32 sections and whose head alone weighs 48kg is no easy task to run around the streets for hours on end.  The streets are crowded as the dragon is passed of to fresh and energetic locals.  The movement might seem wild but it is all planned out ahead and incredibly safe and coordinated event.

The Tai Hang Fire Dragon is  a 67-metre-long ‘fire dragon’ that winds its way with pounding percussion and smoke through a collection of streets located in Tai Hang (Tin Hau), close to Victoria Park in Causeway Bay.  For the festival they use up a total of 72,000 incense (joss) sticks during the three-day performance  Based on simple math that would mean over 10,000 joss sticks are used to create the fire dragon.  Be warned that is also a lot of smoke.

Tai Hang Fire Dragon is often called Tin Hau Fire Dragon as they are close communities and the closest MTR stop is Tin Hau

Mid Autumn Festival = Fire Dragons and Lanterns One of the events that’s on my recommended list of Mid Autumn Festival that also is known under different names such as Moon Festival, Mooncake (edible from traditional with egg inside to new modern twist with ice-cream or chocolate to name a few) Festival, Harvest (originally looked upon as a celebration of that years crops) as well as Lantern Festival.

Tai Hang roots go back to a time when disease ravaged a local district and they called on the dragon to rid the town of it.

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