2010-02-20 – Lion Dance – Ladies Market – Chinese New Year

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Lion Dance – Ladies Market – Chinese New Year. After the four days of observed holidays at Chinese New Year the Lions start roaring around the city.  They are used to bless new year as well as new opportunities and ventures around the year.  Store openings will have dance as well as other events in and around Hong Kong.  Chinese New Year is your best chance to get up close with cabbage hungry dancers.

Chinese New Year is the most important part of the lunar calendar even though they celebrate and recognize all Western holidays as well.  It’s important to note that CNY is based on the lunar calendar like all local festivals so nothing is static in terms of dates.  After four days of rituals and time away from work the Lion Dances are a way of blessing in a New Year of good fortune.  With the dance comes loud drums, crackers, red packets (money) and cabbage that translates to “born money”

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