2010-05-21 – Hong Kong Yin and Yang Lions

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Hong Kong Yin and Yang Lions



Lions and dragons are important symbols in Chinese Culture.  Both the lion and dragons have a long history dating far back to a time of tribes people.  The lions come in all sizes and colours.  The performance done usually by two individuals is based on Chinese martial arts.  Their faces are rarely shown.

One will more likely run across Lion Dancing as with all things in Hong Kong space is an issue.  An indication of lion dance in the area is loud banging of drums and symbols.   They visit most places both residences and businesses after Chinese New Year to bring good fortune and rid the building of evil.  They are also a part of business openings to bring success.

There are also a variety of festivals that include lion dancers.  There is a large parade in Tsim Sha Tsui ( TST) every year on January 1st that starts at 2:00pm where you can take pictures at the end point of get a free introductory lesson.  This one in years past has set Guinness Book of World Records.   There is a lion festival that’s a Toa festival that’s not well documented that’s I’ve captured in a local park in Mong Kok.  Another one with lots of lions and dragons is Cheung Chau Bun Festival that has a large collection to celebrate Buddha’s birthday.

Interesting Lion facts.  There are two types of lion dances the Northern and Southern.  The southern is the one found in Hong Kong and seen in most places around the world on special occasions.  The traditional lion consists of a head which is traditionally constructed using papier-mâché over a bamboo frame, and a body made of durable layered cloth trimmed with fur. Newer lions however may be made with modern materials such as aluminium instead of bamboo and are lighter as well as more durable. there is freedom to make the lion unique to the dance troupe as one can see from Hong Kong yin and yang Lions image.  Shinier material over the traditional lacquer such as sequin or laser sticker but they do not last as long as those with semi-dull lacquer while others add lights and other accessories. Most modern lion dance costumes comes with a set of matching pants, however some practitioners use black kung fu pants to appear more traditional. Modern lion dance costumes are made to be very durable and some are waterproof as Hong Kong weather can be unpredictable and wet to say the least.

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6" x 9", 8" x 12", 10" x 15", 12" x 18", 16" x 24", 20" x 30", 24"x 36", 32" x 48"

Print Material

Pro Platinum, Pro Luster, Fine Art Vibrance, Lambda Print, Lambda Print on Metallic Paper, Canvas


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