2014-11-13 – Hong Kong Star Ferry and Hong Kong Observatory Wheel

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Hong Kong Star Ferry and Hong Kong Observatory Wheel

Central Piers are now home to an Observation Wheel that will opened in late 2014.  The piers themselves are in their 3 location as land reclamation projects keep narrowing the trip to Kowloon.

Hong Kong Observation Wheel: Now operational, the newest addition to the skyline is one that hopefully will not be as badly implemented as the PLA docks, the barbed wire fenced off area, on the same waterfront just meters away.  The wheel will be almost 60 meters high that is dwarfed by the towers around it.  It has forty, odd as Feng Shui and the number 4 are not of good fortune, cars that takes around 15 minutes to do the full circle.

STAR FERRY PROFILE: The Star Ferry has been an active legend of Hong Kong waters from around the time Kowloon was ceded to the British in 1860 even though it was officially created in 1888.  It was the first mass transport to move the people between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.  Today we have alternatives in the form of tunnels for road transport and MTR who moves the masses.  The Star Ferry slows down the pace of travel and reconnects one with the city itself.  The Star Ferry is not only an asset for those that enjoy the casual pace of trip from either Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) to either Central the most popular choice or Wan Chai.  Only the TST terminal is the oldest of the three terminals and has the old world feel.  The Central pier was moved in 2006 for reclamation and creation of the new waterfront promenade.  The Wan Chai Pier was more recently moved in 2014 to also make room for the expansion of the waterfront promenade that is above new underpass and MTR relief line. Star Ferry used to operate between Hung Hom on the Kowloon side to Central and Wan Chai but due to decreasing ridership especially from Central relocation that route was eliminated.  The Hung Hom Old Star Ferry is still there and has been renovated in recent years but sitting vacant.

Star Ferry also offers slower paced harbour tours that can be purchased at the Central and TST terminals.  It’s an excellent way of seeing the inner harbour or for those with up to 300 people they can rent one as a charter.

On a personal note seeing the Star Ferry jug between the Island back spewing out black clouds of residue is an important part of Hong Kong’s romance and intrigue.  Marine vehicles in Hong Kong are one of the main contributors of air pollution and this issue should be addressed.  On the other hand the Star Ferry links the old and new and the harbour and city would not be the same without them operating in Victoria Harbour.  With the opening of the new Kai Tak Cruise Terminal and the water being the quickest access point to the city somehow the Star Ferry needs to be integrated into the transportation solution.   People who are travelling to Hong Kong on cruise ship are in town for less than a day so every minute needs to be filled with positive memories.  Nothing says Hong Kong more than the taking a ride through Hong Kong on the Star Ferry.

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