2012-11-26 – Hong Kong Morning Magic

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There are not too many incredible foggy morning in Hong Kong like the one back in November 2012.  The weather forecast was predicting coastal fog.  When they predict coastal fog it can be one of two types.  The blanket that drops from the sky and can be just a total white wash or the elusive one that goes through the buildings rising of the water.  This was the elusive one and well worth the 4 am morning wake-up call.  Available in prints in all sizes.  Contact me directly with additional questions.

SPECIAL NOTE:This to date had to be the most incredible weather event I’ve ever witnessed and experienced.  From crystal clear skies at 4am in the morning with twinkling stars like I’ve never experienced in Hong Kong before.  It was a balmy 26c when I awoke.  By the time the whole mind-blowing show of colours and dancing clouds the temps had dropped to 14c.

Shots like this ones are once in a lifetime experience and many people never really understand what they are actually witnessing.  Time-lapse opened my mind to the natural phenomenon that happens out of the blue in the spring but on a rare occasion it will occur in the fall if rapid temperature drops happen.

Coastal fog is usually a result of advection fog which forms when relatively warm, moist air passes over a cool surface, As the cool water condenses into the warmer atmosphere, fog forms over the ocean and the winds transport it over Hong Kong.
The mountains around Hong Kong trap the fog. The marine layer is different. That is formed when a layer of cool coastal air is trapped beneath a layer of warm, drier air. The warm, dry air causes evaporation of the ocean surface. The moist air is then trapped within the layer of cool coastal air.  Hong Kong with over 230 Islands and all with peaks of different heights as well as volatile air temperatures can do some amazing visual effects.

Time-Lapse: Included on “This is Hong Kong” and available as time-lapse stock footage.

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5" x 10", 9.5" x 19", 15" x 30", 20" x 40", 25"x 50", 30" x 60

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Pro Platinum, Fine Art Vibrance, Lambda Print, Lambda on Metallic Paper, Canvas


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