Hong Kong Eagle’s Nest Nature Trail Hike Panoramic


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2015-11-18 – Hong Kong Eagle’s Nest Nature Trail Hike Panoramic

Aspect Ratio: 3:1

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Hong Kong Eagle’s Nest Nature Trail Hike Panoramic

Hong Kong is more than one can ever dream of.  It has an abundance of hikes and nature trails a short bus ride away.  Eagle’s nest is accessible by starting the hike at Phoenix House above Kowloon Tong or the northern entrance by taking bus 81 to Kam Shan Country Park, Kowloon Reservoir where you will see a sign that welcomes you to Lion Rock Country Park.  There are two trails.  You want to head up the hill to the south side of the mountain.  The hike is fairly easy when entering from northern point but one will not see the fish tank on Beacon Hill as well as many locals on their daily hikes.  You will see more than locals on your hike.  There are macaques that have become a resident to the area during the construction of the reservoirs over 100 years ago to protect the population from the poisonous narrow flower poisonnut that the monkeys feed off.

The view below is above the Kowloon Peninsula which over the years has expanded greatly with the aid of reclamation projects.  To the east one can see Kowloon Bay that was also the old Hong Kong airport and now a cruise terminal.  The newest reclamation project is Kowloon West where one sees the tallest building in Hong Kong the International Commerce Center or as locals refer it to as ICC.

Notes: Limit ones risk by always keeping a charged cell-phone that will work on all trails.  Have the local Observatory on your smartphone as they alert you of any changes in the weather and they can happen at any time.  Ensure you have an umbrella for both shade and in event of rain.  Bring water with you and all food should be consumed quickly and out of sight of the monkeys who will sniff it out.  If you have garbage be responsible as monkeys will lick even wrappers.

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