2015-12-11 – Aberdeen Hong Kong

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Aberdeen Hong Kong



Aberdeen (Heung Gong Jai) located on the south side of Hong Kong Island, is some believe the original Hong Kong village and not the name given to the island itself.  It was during George Hamilton-Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen  second stint as Foreign Secretary, that he had the harbor settlement of ‘Little Hong Kong’, on the south side of Hong Kong Island named after him.  He would later be British PM from 1852-1855.   Aberdeen did not have high expectations for Hong Kong as the government saw Hong Kong as a pawn than a long term acquisition back in the 1840’s  It history dates back to the Ming dynasty and today is a bustling center of around 1 million people.  The island was originally forested and the sandalwood were used for the making of joss sticks.  Deforestation to rid the island of hiding spots to make Hong Kong a safe harbour meant the people needed to find a new way to make a living.  Today there is greenery all on the mountainsides but not of the native species in most cases.

Aberdeen Harbour is the harbour between Aberdeen (town) and Ap Lei Chau, and is one of the nine harbours in Hong Kong.  The harbour hosts dragon boat races and during annual dragon boat race I recommend coming to not only see the races but feel the spirit of the city.  There is frequent ferry service to outlying Islands.  The harbour still houses many fishing boats but far less than in the days when the native boat people of Hong Kong (Tanka & Hoklo) where not given rights to own property or work in government until the 1970’s.  Today the harbour is safe harbour for fishing boats when typhoon signal is raised.

Aberdeen Hong Kong is also home to floating tourist attraction Jumbo Restaurant.  I should note that Jumbo like most restaurants that visitors are marketed to are not a true representative of the quality and fair pricing of Hong Kong cuisine.  Restaurants like Jumbo are about the experience and novelty more than local food.  My simple guide to eating in Hong Kong is the longer the line of locals the better the restaurant.  Price is not always relative and often you need to go on side street for best food.

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