Hong Kong Sunsets – Magic Hour

Hong Kong sunsets can be stunning when the stars are lined up just right.  Much the same with sunrises one has more misses than hits.  Some of the best sunsets come out of nothing and what has looked promising has often turned out disappointing or worse yet wet.

No sunset is ever the same and in Hong Kong it is the beginning of an amazing transition.  As the light changes from daylight to golden to an incredible range of pinks. oranges, yellows the city comes alive with a glow of neon.  Captured from all over Hong Kong from sea level to skyscrapers and residential sky gardens in the sky and of course mountain tops and sides of hills.  The best locations are saved for when the weather is changing bringing out the most dynamic.


Hong Kong Sunsets and Magic Hours are best when weather is changing.  They can be very challenging to capture as the weather changes very rapidly in Hong Kong.  The mountains and surrounding waters play havoc with the clouds.  Plus we often see a low lying cloud base over the mountains especially Lantau that’s the largest Island in Hong Kong and positioned west of Hong Kong and Kowloon.

Over the years I’ve shot many time-lapses from all over Hong Kong.  I always come back to the Victoria Harbour, Kowloon Bay area as this is the area that most people associate with Hong Kong.