Hong Kong Sunrise – Daybreak

Hong Kong Sunrise – Daybreak in Hong Kong can be elusive due to certain local conditions.  It’s not uncommon to have low level clouds or days on end of overcast days.  It’s usually before and after weather system changes that are something special.   The following are some of the images available from Thisis.hk


Panoramic Prints 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 and larger Aspect Ratio

 Panoramic images make a bold statement and a focal point to a hallway, or large focus wall.  They combine to make a great theme for memories of a one of a kind city. Hong Kong sunrises are challenging as more times than not conditions are not ideal for great sunrise images.  This is an area that I will work on increasing the stock in over the next few years.

Every picture over 20″ on the short side will be sold only once in that size.

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