Hong Kong New Prints – More than your run of the mill gallery images.  This is Hong Kong and all it’s beauty and essence.  Largest independent catalog online. Deal directly with the photographer.  Not able to find what you’re looking for contact me directly.  If I don’t have it I will go and create it.  Now offering single prints of each posted size for all images over 20 inches on the short side.



December 2015


I try very hard to offer the most dynamic prints on the market today.  In a digital age of photo manipulation I bring out the best in what was there at the moment the picture was taken.  This means that I’ve used traditional methods of enhancing an image to bring out the best.  I’ve also in many cases used one or more images to create a larger than possible image.  What I’ve not done is taken components from another day or location and used it another photo.  This is Hong Kong and your support is appreciated and I appreciate your business by limiting all my larger prints to single images.