Hong Kong Fog – Low Clouds

Hong Kong Fog – Low Clouds can create stunning pictures where nature meets skylines.  In the spring and fall when the weather changes it can be very dramatic and stunning.  Typhoons in the area, thunderstorms and coastal fog will get me out and about town regardless.  Fog adds a whole new dimension to the city with a sense of mystery and softening of its sharp edges.  The conditions are challenging as humidity is high and play havoc with lenses and filters.  Then there is the issue of location.  It’s all a bit of luck and scrambling as one day is different than the next and no real tell tale signs.


Fog can happen usually in the morning or early evening so they can be fantastic with the setting or rising sun.  If you are hoping to catch them then plan travels in spring or fall.  Spring has more fog days but one of the best days I’ve seen to date was November 26th 2012.  It’s included on my blu-ray “This is Hong Kong” and it alone is worth the cost of the disc.



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