City in Motion captures the beauty of movement in Hong Kong.  On land or on the water there is a madness of people bustling from point to point.



Hong Kong might be a part of China today but from my brief travels into the mainland and even other cities like Singapore Hong Kong is very different.  There is an energy and almost an sense of overload.  This is why I created not only this site to share and pass on this energy I feel.  We live in a world with so many possibilities so why not go with someone picture that reflects the feelings you felt or still feel about this amazing city or as I say a city in motion.

Hustling &Bustle of Hong Kong Hong Kong Fragrant - Harbour - Safe Harbour

Photographs are printed on order so you have the freedom to print in a wide range of sizes as well as different media types. Media type is usually picked according to image and if you need additional details please contact me. For standard print sizes and pricing please see the image you’re interested in to get full details.   This is Hong Kong prides itself of servicing the customer so please feel free to contact us.