“Exclusivity, uniqueness and the essence of Hong Kong is something I pride myself on.  If you are looking for an image to call your own then you will like my big picture pledge.  No two big pictures alike will be sold.  Once you buy it that image will be removed from the site so order when you see it.”



Nationality: I consider myself first and foremost a global citizen.  By birth I’m a British Subject and spend a few years living in Zambia as a child.  Then spent many years in Canada.  It was after coming to Hong Kong on many family visits that I found the place that I feel most alive and where I would strive to capture my this passion in the form of images.


Time-Lapse Photography: Capturing the true essence and drama of what I see.  Time lapse was one of the first ways that I was able to record that sense of overload that I had experienced so many times on my past trips before becoming a resident.  Hong Kong to myself is a city that pushes ones senses to overload and often beyond.

I then spent 3 years not only hiking and scouring many new and remote parts of Hong Kong with a vision and specific objective footage I also attended an incredible amount of local cultural events.  The specifics are too great to count but my image library count is well into the millions.
“This is Hong Kong” Blu-ray is the top-selling time-lapse video featuring exclusively Hong Kong covering topics such as, Sunsets & Sunrises, City in Motion, Construction, Life and Culture as well as all form of dynamic weather.


Playing with Light:  All photography is based on light but as I started to break more and more rules in terms of camera set-ups, mounting and mind-set I was open to try new ways of capturing the drama and motion of the city.  I approach many aspects of photography from a unique mindset as I look at cameras more as a limited device that ones needs to understand its limitations to work around and capture what one wants to capture.


Panoramic Images – The Big Picture: Spending so much time perched high above the city being able to see more than our eye and mind can take in and process the challenge of recording and processing this became another challenge.  This has now come to the point where I’m capturing panoramic images through glass or on moving vessels.


Shooting the Impossible:  Believing what others say and teach is very limiting when it comes to technical guidelines.  I treat them as just that.  Time-lapse photography was in itself my best teacher as it challenged my every thought and understanding of photography.

Processing Images: Like many photographers we looking for tools that will help us display the image we had in our mind when we photographed something.  Today we have many different options available to us and I do use many but non of the standard HDR tools.  My camera is set-up in a certain way but all images are captured in RAW.  Like cooking with RAW food one has to process and cook the food to get your desired result.


“Blend of Time”: Early in my time-lapse shooting I had started to using a panning head but quickly found a few short comings.  One of them was that the camera was always missing out on the most interesting part of the shoot.  So rather than worry about the technical issues and missing out on the best part I added more cameras to my camera bag to record different parts of the location.  This also gave we an idea that I would have a large database of images that I could later go back to and make something special with.  After years of playing with many different ideas I finally came up with digitally blended images that take parts from images shot over an extended period of time.

Thought Provoker: I very much believe that we must question everything we do first and foremost.  Doing the same thing or not asking why we are doing something now more than ever is very important.  As a photographer who believes in leaving all elements in place and not substituting or borrowing from one picture to another I believe it’s not our place to change others or manipulate images original scene.


Mentoring: We all need those who challenge us to bring out the best in our skills and abilities.   Now more than ever we need less sameness that education and tutoring is creating and more dynamic and growth that is a result of mentoring.


What others are saying:

Most artists are satisfied with a good perspective of a particularly scene, not Stephen – he pushes the boundaries as to what’s possible and creates from a completely unique perspective. I guess you can say his artistry can be felt and seen in each masterpiece he creates – Kavish – South Africa

It is humbling to say the least when I see your work. – Kevin Greene – USA

The end product……….Brilliance! – Cary – Hong Kong – American Expat

Inspiring – Betty – Hong Kong

This is Hong Kong and Lapse of Time Hong Kong are a unique view of Hong Kong as captured by Stephen Duddridge.  As a proud resident of Hong Kong and one who tries to draw a digital image of the beauty that is HK.

Over the years Stephen has been fortunate to not only travel to many different locations but also lived on four continents.  The one that means the most is the one that he’s sacrificed a great deal of time and talent into capturing.  From the first time he visited Hong Kong and met his new family he knew this was home.  As different as it was from his past experiences there was something that was combining them all together.  From the sense of past colonial days and mixture of old with new it was everything in one.  From the street markets that bought back early childhood memories of the passion and beauty of the markets in Rome.  Then there is that strong connection with the country I called home the longest being Canada.  Canada has become a second home to many Hong Kong people over the years and I feel in many ways I can sense that both places are better off for it.

Photography today is more accessible than ever as the cellphone has made everyone a photographer.  As a professional it’s something that we are all very aware of and understand now more than ever people want something that they either can’t capture, won’t have the chance or something truly special.  The images on this website are just snapshots.  They are a record of present history.  They are also taken around some of the most dynamic weather situations.  The city is very much a centerpiece and capturing time-lapse that takes endless hours of commitment can result in a view that not many others with have the time or the ability to capture.