Hong Kong’s biggest on-line photo gallery store offering images from all over Hong Kong.  Images are in a wide variety of aspect ratio, size and print type.  I’m constantly adding new images to ensure you find what you’re looking for in a picture.  My goal is to be the definitive source of images that capture the true essence of this amazing city.  For custom or specific requests please feel free to contact me.  “This is Hong Kong” as well as the prints make a great corporate gift as well as personal memory.

Today’s New Print

Hong Kong Peak Black and White Panoramic

Yesterday’s Print

Hong Kong Wan Chai Gap Early Morning



New Revisions  @ This is Hong Kong.  I’ll often revisit old pictures while doing time-lapse editing or cleaning up hard-drives.  It brings to life images that are too good not to share.  For those that have seen “This is Hong Kong” most of scenes I still have all the frames so if you would like one printed please contact me.

Hong Kong Skyline is not only stunning but compact.  Many people almost pass over the fact that the city is backed by mountains.  This view is the core of the financial district of Hong Kong.  From Admiralty, Bank of China, to Mid-Levels this is a city that makes one go wow.

A Different Type of Photographer

Every image on this site and even this site itself is all the work of a different type of photographer.  Stephen Duddridge spent over 3 years on his breakthrough project capturing Hong Kong in time lapse on Blu-ray, more details.  Now he offers the widest and biggest photo gallery all on-line.  As a special service personal and private consultations are available.  Images are added consistently so you make sure you bookmark this site.   The images as you can see from above include landscape photography, street photography, all focusing on Hong Kong including all the best cultural events.  This is more than run of the mill stock images these are covered with sweat and passion to capture the true essence of Hong Kong.  If you’re looking for the perfect keepsake or gift for someone then contact me today or enjoy browsing the extensive on-line gallery.

This Is Hong Kong Photography & Time Lapse

Time-lapse of Hong Kong shot over 3 years combining millions of pictures to show Hong Kong in a light never seen before.  Perfect gift or keepsake in a beautiful paper-case with almost 4 hours of digital art to enjoy with company or to be wowed.