This Is Hong Kong – Blu-Ray


Hong Kong like never seen before.  Perfect gift, souvenir or keepsake.  Running time is almost 4 hours.  Just add friends, music and beverages and enjoy all that is Hong Kong.  Compressing one hour into one minute you will see a world never seen before.


 This is Hong Kong: Volume 1

This Is Hong Kong – Blu-Ray  is a movie that captures the senses overload that is Hong Kong.  his awe-inspiring city that possesses the world’s premier skyline against a backdrop of mountains and surrounding seas. The city’s culture offers a unique fusion of eastern and western cultures. Nothing in Hong Kong ever happens slowly. The city pushes all senses to the limit.

Hong Kong is also a city of atmospheric extremes that produce effects of incredible beauty. Constantly changing skies, shifting tones and colors, and high-impact and weather changes are not entirely visible to the naked eye. In real time, one does not often notice what is really happening in the world around and above us. But when we speed it up, so that one hour can be observed in one minute, we gain a much better understanding of the backdrop to our lived experiences. Geographical influences such as mountains, constant variations in air and water temperature create unique weather patterns resulting in stunning effects and artistic potentials. There can be a downpour over one part of the city, while another proximal area has scintillatingly blue skies or a stunning sunset. Most people in Hong Kong, whether local or foreign, just don’t stay put long enough to witness the striking changes occurring as witnessed from one location in space and time. Sunrises and sunsets can last for hours, as the sky changes colors and puts on a spectacular show above the city. The weather is constantly changing, with multilayered clouds overhead often in multiple layers and moving in different directions. The reason I’ve chosen this particular medium is because I feel that pictures can come to life more vividly in this era of rapid advances in digital giving us digital art in this time of new technologies. Volume1 in the enclosed Blu-ray includes the earliest footage– primarily from 2012 but some earlier work from 2011 as well. This is Hong Kong as you’ve never seen before presented in 1080p High Definition only available on Blu-ray

Why Time Lapse? Hong Kong is a city of extremes and beauty and much of the madness and constant sense of overload is not visible. In real time one does not notice what is really happening in the world around us. Speed it up so one hour can be seen in one minute and we can get a much better
understanding. The still images captured below only hint at the drastic and amazing changes in the Hong Kong cityscape that have been recorded and enclosed to share with friends and family. The day I shot these stills, the sky was crystal clear at 4am and I could see more
stars than I had ever seen before in the Hong Kong sky. It was 26 degrees Celsius, like a summer day, but it was already late November. By 9:00am the temperature had dropped drastically, to 16 degrees, and the weather had turned for the worse. What I captured during the five
hours in between was a truly remarkable display of natural beauty and the kinetic energy of atmospheric transition.

Creation of “This is Hong Kong”

Since the first time I visited Hong Kong I’ve felt something special about this city. This passion has been the force behind me both seeing and experiencing more of Hong Kong than most people who have lived here all their lives. I’ve respectfully witnessed many local customs, kept my eyes and ears open, and have tried to understand this dynamic city as far as a foreigner can. The local environment has also blessed me with some amazing natural scenes and locations that I’m thrilled to be able to share. I’ve hiked and scouted endlessly for new and unique vantage points. I’ve also bitten off more than any daring photographer, lugging heavy equipment in horrible weather, should probably ever chew. Yet my passion continues to drive me forward.

I appreciate your support. The small investment you’ve made in buying this unique souvenir will urge my work forward in new and ever more creative directions. You can follow me at and or find out more about how to purchase unique images at

I thank you in advance for sharing news of my work with others. Copying, distributing or using this footage for any other purpose than your personal enjoyment is not permitted without my advance consent.

Let the spectacle of the Hong Kong begin! Enjoy.

Thanks and be prepared to be awed and wowed.

Stephen Duddridge


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